Shopping Spree

Posted by Emily Rhodin on Jul 18th 2018

Everyone always assumes that my closet must have one of everything from the store. It doesn’t! I can’t have everything! However, I am a girl and I do “NEED” new clothes periodically and some retail … read more

Summer Brand Spotlight: Trina

Posted by Emily Rhodin on Jul 11th 2018

Brand Focus for Summer: TrinaI just returned from a wedding vacation in Vermont and thought I was going to be escaping the heat! Much to my dismay it was hotter there than it was here in Jacksonvil … read more

My Travel Bag Essential

Posted by Emily Rhodin on Jun 21st 2018

I have been traveling coast to coast over the past couple weeks and having a blast. My travel had a ton of different legs to it this time which made packing hard and multitasking pieces essential. … read more